Children’s Dentistry

Our office is very proud of how we are able to make our young patients feel comfortable every time they visit. Through the years, the kids we have treated come here stress-free and leave our clinic happy.

We encourage children to develop proper dental habits at a very early age so that they will continue to have excellent dental hygiene and oral health as they grow older.

Based on our experience, introducing children as young as 1 to regular dental checkups make them more likely to continue seeing their dentist regularly. Children who start early also have fewer fears of dentists.

Another important reason for kids to have regular dental checkups is that it ensures an early diagnosis of potential problems in their teeth and gums, and stop any dental problem before it advances and damage your child’s teeth. With a consistent record of your child’s dental development and wellbeing, we are able to make decisions proactively.

Here are some tips to remember before taking your child to our office for the first time:

  • Share your own positive dental experiences with him/her.
  • Show videos and other materials that will introduce your child to the dentist in an encouraging way.
  • Show him around the office for a “tour.”

What to Expect During Your Child’s First Visit

When you and your child arrive at our office for your appointment, we will examine his or her mouth, specifically the teeth and gums. Afterwards, we will check if your child requires Fluoride supplement. We will also want to find out if your child has any oral habits like teeth grinding and thumb-sucking so that we can recommend the appropriate solution. We will then teach both you and your child about the proper way to clean the teeth and gums, and then discuss a schedule for any required treatment plan and regular dental checkups.