First Visit

If this is your first time to visit our office, here’s an overview of what you can expect.

First, we will take X-rays of your teeth, gums and surrounding tissue so we can properly diagnose any potential oral problem that is not visible to the naked eye. After diagnosis, Dr. Baim will discuss your treatment options with you. If you are in extreme pain or if your treatment plan requires an emergency visit, we will do everything we can to see you on the same day that you call us.

Every effort to relieve your pain will be made. We will schedule you for a follow-up appointment or refer you to a specialist, as the case may be.

Please provide us with the following information on your first visit:

  • Any previous X-ray results
  • Medications you are currently taking

If you have dental insurance, please don’t forget to bring your insurance card with you. If you don’t have a current card with you, we will need the contact details of your insurance provider including the subscriber number, phone number and group number so as to hasten the processing of your claim.


  • Please be aware that we require all patients under the age of 18 to be accompanied by a parent or an adult guardian. 
  • For new patients, please arrive in our office at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment because you’ll need to fill out some new patient paperwork.
  • If you have a medical condition such as rheumatic fever,  high blood pressure, diabetes, artificial joints, artificial heart valves, or any other condition that may be of concern, please alert the office prior to your treatment. Inform us if you are on any medication as well.


If your previous dentist or physician has taken dental X-rays of your teeth, please forward them to us as they can help in our diagnosis. You can email your digital radiograph to us at Any additional films that will be needed can be taken in our office.