Teeth Whitening

Anyone can benefit from having whiter teeth. It improves your smile tremendously and makes you look younger. Our office offers professional teeth whitening that can make your teeth several shades whiter. 

Even if you maintain proper dental habits like brushing your teeth and flossing twice a day, your teeth can still become stained because of aging, medications, and the food and drinks you consume. Tea, coffee, and red wine can darken the teeth. Smoking is also another leading cause of teeth staining.

If you have yellow or dark colored teeth, you should consider professional teeth whitening so you can flash that pearly white smile once again. 

How It Works

Dr. Baim offers two kinds of teeth whitening solutions. First, there’s the at-home teeth whitening kit which uses a peroxide gel that is added onto your custom mouth tray so that the substance can have direct contact with your teeth enamel. You’ll need to wear this mouth tray according to the instructions given to you by Dr. Baim. The whitening period usually takes around 1-2 weeks.

Our most popular bleaching procedure is the in-office teeth whitening. We will apply a powerful whitening solution on your teeth for 15-30 minutes. Then we will wash it off and re-apply the solution as needed. After each application, we will check the color of your teeth to determine how well it’s working for you.

Dr. Baim will recommend the appropriate option for you depending on the kind of stain your teeth have, the type of discoloration and your budget.

For more information about our teeth whitening service, please schedule an appointment with us by calling (518) 793-6619.